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Promoting and harnessing the power of nature

Circular Farm is shipping container based multi crop container farm located in Jackson, SC. Our passion is promoting agricultural education in order to create health, sustainability and community. Our immediate mission is to enrich our community through the production of powerful healthy foods.

Our long-term goal is to promote and harness the incredible powers of mycelium for use in agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, biofiltration, and toxic waste remediation.

Our team is made up of business friends and a few wise mentors.

We are on a mission to make a positive impact on our local community’s health and well-being, in other words, its vitality and sustainability.

Consuming fresh, healthy foods is one of the most important, if not the most important, factor in creating thriving health community. Through research, scientific studies are providing evidence that gourmet mushrooms are an amazing healthy food. We are on a mission to bring fresh, locally grown mushrooms to the CSRA.

We started growing mushrooms in early 2018 in Aiken, South Carolina and look forward to continuing to provide fresh mushrooms as our business grows.

To further help our local community thrive, we are focusing on strengthening our community’s sustainability and vitality by making fresh produce more easily accessible, especially in food deserts, which are areas where people lack access to fresh produce.

Another sustainability based goal of ours is to educate local children about growing mushrooms and vegetables.

When children develop an interest in understanding the value of healthy, fresh foods, they will begin to have a role in helping their communities thrive.

The children in our community will be tomorrow’s leaders. They should be given every opportunity to have the best physiology possible to help them better address the challenges they will face. They will be responsible for remediating all of the problems created by the previous and current generations. We have the opportunity to help them prepare for the challenges they will face.

We hope and plan that our impact on our community will be powerful enough to branch out and influence surrounding communities, eventually creating a world that is a more enjoyable, inspiring place for all of us to live.

We are focused on increasing our community’s sustainability through our work with mycelium, a powerful and under utilized force of nature that shows potential in many areas. 


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