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Enable your own circular economy at the local level

Our mission is to empower you to grow healthy, nutrient dense food for yourself, your loved ones and your community.

Increased access to mushrooms, plants, sustainable container growing technologies, growing mediums and land reclamation products drives environmental and economic prosperity. We invite you to start learning here and now, by exploring the pages below. If you have any questions along the way, we’ll be glad to help.

Mycelium is one of nature’s tiny wonders, the vegetative part of a fungus or fungal colonies. Click here to learn about its promise for industry and for the environment.

We specialize in growing non-certified organic Oyster, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane mushroom. Our mushrooms are available online and at restaurants and markets throughout the CSRA.

So you want to grow mushrooms? Awesome. We’re proud of you and want to help you create and magnify your impact of a local circular economy.

Learn what continues to inspire us and why we think mushrooms will pave a path to a brighter future for all.

Consider taking a workshop with our partners at Mushroom Mountain to increase your knowledge and expertise.

Learn who we are, what our passion is, and how we see Circular Farm evolving in the future.

Enrich your community by producing powerful and healthy foods

Our passion is enabling the circular economy by increasing access to mushrooms, plants, sustainable container growing technologies, growing mediums and land reclamation products. We turn waste into economic prosperity that enhances both ecosystems and communities simultaneously.

Turn waste into economic prosperity

Enhance ecosystems and communities simultaneously

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Learn to cook with our delicious and savory recipes

Lion’s Mane Crab Rangoon

A delicious mushroom version of a popular Chinese appetizer! Get out the box and head east for a fabulous starter to any meal that is great to share with friends and family. ​

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Lion’s Mane Crab Cakes

A Maryland classic with a fungi twist! Give a delightful taste to your tongue by creatively crafting crab cakes full of deliciously seductive lion’s mane mushrooms.​

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