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We make growing mushrooms easier

Are you interested in growing mushrooms and don’t know where to start? We are here to help you for each step of the process.

Why choose Circular Farm?

Our passion is promoting health and sustainability through agriculture.

Our mission is to empower people to grow healthy, nutrient dense food for themselves, their loved ones and their community. We do this by supporting you on your mycological journey.

Wherever you are on this journey, a newcomer trying mushrooms for the first time and experimenting with new recipes, a gardener wanting to improve their soil quality or an experienced mushroom grower who is ready to take their growing to the next level, we are here to guide you and fill in the knowledge gaps with the tools necessary to help you meet your mushroom goals.

Utilizing circular agricultural systems, Circular Farm produces gourmet mushrooms, mushroom fruiting kits, sterilized growing supplies for growing your own mushrooms at home as well as state of the art multicrop container farms for large scale mushroom and hydroponic plant production.

Enrich your community through the production of powerful healthy foods.

Our passion is enabling the circular economy by increasing access to mushrooms, plants, sustainable container growing technologies, growing mediums and land reclamation products. We turn waste into economic prosperity that enhances both ecosystems and communities simultaneously.

Circular Farm Economy

Raise your awareness for the benefit of all life

Learn the power of sustainable growing techniques

Educate yourself on the wisdom of the circular economy. Discover the vital role of mushrooms in all ecosystems and how every choice we make impacts all forms of life.

Start growing to benefit yourself and others

Begin to grow your own mushrooms and reap the benefits. We provide the resources, supplies and guidance for you to create your own circular economy.

Buy products to facilitate your own sustainable economy

Whether you'd like to just starting eating more healthy or need more supplies to refresh to your home grown circular economy, we can help.

How it Works:

  1. Create your own plan to wellness

Wellness is the state of being free from injury or illness. The food you choose to ingest on a daily basis has a fantastic effect on the quality of your every day life. Choosing to eat foods packed with nutrients is the first step in improving your health.

growing mushrooms
  1. Begin growing at home sustainably

The avoidance of depleting natural resources is the very definition of sustainability. Through the circular economy, we direct more time and energy into making efficient use of resources provided to ensure plenty of resources for future generations. 

growing mushrooms
  1. Share and connect with your community

The single most important factor for determining health and wellbeing is community.  Without a common respect and desire for mutually beneficial relationships for the world around us, we are in grave trouble. Circular Farm is devoted to changing that outlook.

growing mushrooms

Turn waste into economic prosperity to enhance ecosystems and communities simultaneously

Learn about the wonders of the earth

Educate yourself on the fantastic world of fungus and the role it plays in sustaining all forms of life on our planet.

The Promise of Mycelium

Mycelium is one of nature's tiny wonders, the vegetative part of a fungus or fungal colonies. Click here to learn about its promise for industry and for the environment.

Mushroom Production

Among other things, mycelium is the building block upon which mushrooms are grown. Click here to learn more about the process of commercial mushroom production.

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