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Mini Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

Mini Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

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This Mini Mushroom Chamber is an important tool for growing mushrooms at home. While you can grow mushrooms from our fruiting kits without a fruiting chamber, you greatly increase your odds of success with this simple way to create a controlled microclimate. Our humidity domes are food grade, reusable and can comfortably accommodate one of our 6 pound fruiting kits. 

Includes: One food grade clear plastic dome with four adjustable vents allowing for maximum fresh air exchange. Dome comes with one size comparable 10x20 tray for the base.

  • Four-vent Control: Two top vents and two side vents offer total control of humidity
  • Easy View: Clear plastic allows you to observe easily

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Customer Reviews

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Ann Barbara

Love my Mushroom Fruiting Chamber—it makes my job much easier and I don’t have to worry about my cats bothering my mushrooms


Came out amazingly